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October 26th, 2019: Durham School of the Arts 
Oct 26, 2019

400 N Duke St, Durham, NC 27701

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Learn about the Dia De Los Muertos Festival


For centuries, people all over the world have been gathering with family and friends to honor and celebrate the lives of loved ones they have lost.

Here at Durham School of the Arts, we strive to further expose our community to Latinx culture and holistic art education. This year we are expanding our efforts by including other schools and local organizations in our 6th annual Fall Art Festival: Día de los Muertos, held on Saturday, October 27th from 6pm until 9pm. This free event will include a community parade, live performances, art exhibits, food, games, and fun for the entire family!


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Each year a group of students go to a specific city that celebrates the Dia de los Muertos Festival to learn more about the holiday and the latino culture.
Here is what the holiday and festival means to us:
Grace Szigethy:
Yasmin Kishun:
Performing Arts Amb.
To me, Day of the Dead is a time for me to reflect on family members that passed away. It is important to celebrate this holiday at DSA in order to join the community together by celebrating the lives of our loved ones that passed away, as well as continue their legacy. It is also important to celebrate this holiday at DSA because it is a way for us, students, to educate the community about what the Day of the Dead really is and why it is so important in Hispanic culture.
Ava Oljeski:
Social Media and Marketing Jr Ambassador

The Day of the Dead festival has become an opportunity for me to share and see art and how it connects with my community. Having the festival at Dsa has become important in my high school middle school experience, by bringing together my friends, family, and the culture within the festival.
Freddy Trejo:
Performance Arts Ambassador

The day of the dead is important to me of because of how the culture and traditions has passed on of foods, or dancing, or stories and I get to to show the people around us and as a Community, the culture.
Caitlin Bass:
Visual Arts Ambassador

Day of the dead is important to me to make connections, celebrate my ancestors and to further my knowledge into other cultures I might not have known about otherwise. It is a day to celebrate our loved ones who have passed and honor there lives. So I feel its important for everyone to do that for there own ancestors but also to create a tighter knit community at DSA.
Elayna Stecky:
Leslie Barley:
Marketing Ambassador

Day of the Dead is a time where you can celebrate your loved ones who past and Remember their legacy. It is important to open up other cultures to our community for better understanding and acceptance of each other.
Ariella Richman:
Education and Culture
The day of the dead to me means a time to celebrate family and those before us. To me, it means a time to be able to connect with previous generations and bring them back to the present day with us. I believe that it's important to celebrate the holiday at DSA because many people who aren't a part of the culture that traditionally celebrates it don't know about how amazing and beautiful the holiday is.
Carter Stikeleather:
Visual Arts Ambassador

I get to work hard and share what we pulled together with the community
America Lopez Montoya:
Ambassador for Education and Culture

Day of the Dead is a day for you to celebrate the people who have passed. It could be a way to let go or remember how that person touch your life. It's important to celebrate because you want to keep that's person's memory alive. You want to keep telling their stories so they can live forever.
Juliana Mattson:
Performing Arts Ambassador

Day of the Dead is a beautiful celebration of life that I am so lucky to be a part of at DSA. To me it is about beauty and remembrance and celebration. At DSA we pride ourselves on being diverse and accepting, it is important that we dont just highlight the mainstream American celebrations and that we are able to represent everyone who may walk through the doors of our school.
David Moreno-Jaimes: Funding Amb.
The celebration of Dia de Los muertos has huge significance on my life because it is embedded in my culture and beyond that I feel attached to it by the fact that family, that I know and may have not known gather to celebrate the lives of the family members that have passed and pray for them to help us in this world and the everyday challenges that we face. I believe DSA should celebrate this beautiful holiday because it has the power to bring people together and can form a sense of community.
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